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May 20 2016


Buy a Seva Franchise

The Seva franchise will be the Pioneer of the fast casual spa. Seva franchises are often situated in Walmart stores, the biggest retailer in the world and one that can provide a lot of traffic and clients for your Seva location. Seva Franchise

The Seva franchise was ranked in Entrepreneur Magazines top 500 fastest growing franchises, top 25 new and top 500 franchise categories.

Seva Express� may be the location type that gives the fast-casual format. Services available are Brow Shaping, Eyelash Extensions, Eyebrow Tinting and Flash Facials.

Seva Express studios use a small fottprint and often will be an empty concept space. Typically between 150- 550 sq . ft . is all that is required.

Services provided will generally take 15-minutes or less and therefore are performed directly inside studio chairs. Repeat customers are a given.

Seva Express studios can be opened in any suitable venue however Walmart locations have grown to be the most popular.

YOur total investment to get a Seva Beauty franchise will be in the $140,000 to $234,000 range which include working capital over 3-6 months.

Previous salon ownership experience is not needed, however you should be willing and capable to work hard and consume a proven system to create your business thrive.

To learn more about investing in a Seva franchise go to https://youtu.be/9nhWYnVU4CM Seva Franchise

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